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Dumps are the best sites for finding beach pottery, ceramics, and shards - like the old Tepco ceramic factory dump.Richmond, California, on the San Francisco Bay, was the home of a porcelain and ceramic factory, where broken or unwanted pottery was dumped on the shoreline. Just like hunting for sea glass, your best bet is to find an old dump site.To see the characteristics of beaches where sea glass and beach pottery can be found, go to Finding a Sea Glass Beach.– Please contact us to discuss the nature of your research objective to ensure the most appropriate material selection and pretreatment of your pottery sherds.Examine the decoration on the outside of the shard.Look for designs in different colors and if there was a glaze used.Decorated pots are a sign of a more advanced culture.

If a culture was too busy just staying alive, the people would not have time to decorate pottery, it would be left utilitarian.Many times the colors are quite unusual and especially seem to compliment each other when grouped together.Shards may be identified generally as to how old they are by certain features, ie, material used, firing methods, and shapes. When you only have a worn shard, it significantly increases the difficulty.She provides businesses such as Burdick and Lee Galleries, Clearwater Fishing Charters and Read Finder with custom content to keep their digital and print media fresh, informative and directed to their target audience.Sobiski holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Roosevelt University in Chicago.

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