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She needs to be complete in and of herself, and enter into a relationship with a man who is also complete. Building a stable and whole relationship requires two whole people coming together.Going back to the subject of expecting love to be a happily-ever-after state of being, nothing could be further from the truth.It trains us to hold off being happy until that perfect someone, soul mate or Mr. A better strategy would be for you to be happy first -- whether you're in a relationship or not.And above all, love yourself first (i.e., hold yourself in high esteem) -- and you'll find no trouble finding men who'll want to love you.You choose whether you're going to continue to seek the best interests of the other person, and care about him or her through any and all circumstances -- and for how long.Love is a conscious choice." -- Excerpt from Midwinter Turns to Spring A successful relationship between a man and a woman is not born but made.

You choose whether you're going to continue loving the other person after the drunkenness has dissipated, after the frills of romance have fallen away.With about 50% of marriages ending in divorce, and pre-marital relationships failing at an even higher rate, I'm certain you've seen your share of failed relationships among your friends and family members -- and even in your own life.It's enough to make you believe that true love no longer exists in the modern world, doesn't it?It's a choice, a commitment, a way of behaving toward another. But most people make the mistake of thinking they're one and the same thing.We are all given circumstances by which we can exercise the choice to love. It's that instant attraction to another person, those warm, fuzzy feelings, that fever akin to drunkenness or madness that causes you to know that you're in love.

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