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And the newest forms of cell phones include the ability to send text messages, pictures, and even live video.

In the hands of bored teenagers, these additions can become weapons for bullies to spread rumors as well as pictures of unsuspecting kids in locker rooms.

The survey found: Another survey conducted by the Crimes against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire (Wollack & Mitchell, 2000) found that along with sexual solicitations and approaches online (19% of children surveyed received unwanted sexual solicitation), six percent of the young people surveyed experienced harassing incidents, including threats, rumors, or other offensive behavior, and two percent reported episodes of distressing harassment that they described as making them feel very or extremely upset or afraid.

Most parents tend to think that this kind of bullying is uncommon and that their child would never do something this mean.

In general, girls inflict virtual abuse more than boys through instant messaging, online conversations, and e-mails.

(Belsey, 2004) Cyber-bullying, while being similar in its intent to hurt others through power and control, is different due to the use of these new technologies.In the 21st Century, school violence is taking on a new and more insidious form.New technologies have made it easier for bullies to gain access to their vireminds his readers that one of the killers, Eric Harris, had his own web site that contained “conspicuous threats against fellow students” (Carvin, 2000).In the 1990s, many incidents revolved around student-on-student violence, usually involving guns.Schools implemented many programs to keep guns and gangs out of schools.

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