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That security is the greatest gift you can give a child and is something most of us are lucky enough to take for granted. I am grateful to my mum and dad for showing me warmth and affection, for every hug and kiss and kind word.Without the memory of being loved once, I might not have survived my horrific years with Eunice Spry.Every day they would go to a local drug rehabilitation centre, often taking me with them.They'd do their best to make it a fun outing for me, taking me for lunch in the canteen and going to the park on the way home.Eunice's semi-detached house in Tewkesbury, around 15 miles from ours, was a revelation.It was warm and cosy and packed with games, toys and videos, not to mention her five cats. Before long I began staying overnight, and then for whole weekends.

She bribed her with presents, offers of washing and cooking and the promise of a good life for her child, so that Mum would entrust me to Eunice's care.

She was in her 40s, a pillar of the community and a devout Jehovah's witness, as well as being the mother of two children. By the time I met her as a six-year-old, Eunice's children had grown up and she had adopted two young girls: Charlotte, who was a couple of years older than me, and Sarah, who was about the same age.

She readily agreed to help take care of me as well.

For me, the real issue is whether or not other people - in this case, a jury of 12 complete strangers - will believe the extraordinary story that I am going to tell them. That story begins, for me at least, back in the spring of 1991, when I was still living with my real mum and dad in the genteel spa town of Cheltenham.

As a little girl I knew absolutely that my parents loved me.

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