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Have you endured date after torturous date through a given service?

The likelihood is that the site actually did what it was supposed to do.

Landix said they went through thousands of complaints and compiled a list of the top offenders.“Caveat emptor” (“buyer beware”) is a key tenet of consumer law. Not everyone is blond and skinny or muscular with a full head of hair and a pleasant personality. You may be asked about your drinking or criminal history. One dating service advertises that potential matches are “prescreened for deep compatibility with you across 29 dimensions.” In reality, your mileage may vary.Online dating can lead to rip-off scams, sexual predators, felons, stalkers, data theft, defamation and damage to your reputation. But where else can you go to get potentially hundreds of people interested in dating you in less than an hour?One lawsuit that did prevail occurred in 2007 when Yahoo Personals agreed to pay million to settle claims alleging they allowed people to post fake profiles when those doing the posting actually had no interest in finding dates.Nefarious behavior doesn’t always involve only the members of these online services.

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Yet the site gave members’ personal information to thousands of its related websites.

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