Pea coat dating

It had a double-breasted front, which displaced the buttons to each side.This helped reduce the chance of them getting caught on ropes, as the wearer maneuvered the sails.

As an officer candidate, I wore a reefer through Newport's bitter cold.

Without insignia or rank patches, it can be (and has been) worn by everyone from former military to peace protesters to preppy lacross player types.

It’s also been knocked off by every fashion designer ever. Luckily, buying a real US Navy pea coat is the cheapest way to cover yourself in melton wool, and not just the most authentic.

He’d been a navy man in his day, and she was excited that the coat fit me. That pea coat saw me through some drizzle-soaked outdoor makeout sessions my junior and senior years of high school in San Francisco.

It came with me to UC Santa Cruz, where it protected me from the winter chill and from soft thinking.

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