Radiometric dating activities

Gage (2011) Enzyme Kinetics for Novice Learners: Numerical Simulation in Excel, Applications of Spreadsheets in Education: The Amazing Power of a Simple Tool, M. Dynamic and Interactive Visualization for Learner-Centered Science and Mathematics, at the 13th International Conference on College Teaching and Learning in Jacksonville, FL. Modeling and Visualization in Chemistry Workshop as part of Summer Workshops for Pre-Service and In-Service Secondary Science and Math Teachers through Maryland Virtual High School at Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, MD in June 2003.

Our research is diverse and our teaching based on the latest research.

exemplary use of computational science tools with college students and leadership in advancing the integration of computational science into the classroom teaching of others presented at SC08 Education Program in Austin, Texas.

Award for Innovative Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Technology, April 2002.

Advanced materials is a multidisciplinary research area comprising academics from both the School of Science and the School of Engineering Find out more about the Waikato Centre for Advanced Materials (Wai CAM).

The department is extremely well-equipped for research in all areas of analytical chemistry including gas and liquid chromatography and a variety of forms of mass spectrometry. And why does your blood pressure rise, your hands become sweaty and your pupils dilate under certain circumstances?

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In addition NMR spectroscopy is available for characterization of, for example, toxins. Physiologists record electrical activity in nerves and muscles and the eye, measure digestive secretions and movements, determine blood pressure and respiratory rates, and assess endocrine function.

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