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I don't like to smell like every other man so this one sits for rainy days.... Glad I have it in my collection though, it is a mature masculine scent that's very versatile It is good but not wow. When I am kinda indifferent to the occasion I just put this scent on and go out. Sillage and projection is heavy for 4h, then strong/moderate.

Only new to the whole frag game and I recently got this and sauvage at same time to see all the hype. I spray 2 each side of neck and 2 on each wrist not sure how much stronger this is over the edt, but 2 sprays is plenty. It is not strong so you won't be "too much" but still somewhere in a pleasant way. That's why for some men this perfume will not match them. Nowadays perfumes that perform like this one are very very rare.

I live in Toronto, and I’ve recently noticed that this smells amazing in the winter and unpleasant in the summer. I prefer to wear bleu de chanel EDT in fall and winter.

I used to dislike this because I found the grapefruit to be harsh and irritating to the nostrils; however, in the crisp winter air it smells perfectly balanced. Personally I recommend the EDP over the EDT and I would wear Dior sauvage very cool spray in warmer weather.

I don't like to smell like every other man so this one sits for rainy days....

Only down fall is every single man on the planet is wearing it. I get about 5 -6 hours solid before it's starts to become skin scent.

I do like the woody incense vibe it has going for it. I find it too expensive for the performance and aura it gives. For this price I would recommend you look elsewhere. People bitching reformulation should find another hobby !!!

My nose is not that advanced to start smelling every note a fragrance has. #1 at Sephora FR #1 at Sephora USA #1 at Nordstrom ... Nothing wrong with what bleu smells now and what what bleu use to smell because guess what it smells exactly what it used to when it came out stop be a snobes and criticizing to make yourself interesting be neutral smell them side by side for at least 4 hour than maybe you will have a real opinion !!!

After shave lotion with innovative splash formula is also on the market.

It has a lovely sillage as opposed to the skin scent; way better in the air than on the skin. However, if not compared to anything, bleu de chanel is a simple but actually really pleasent scent which is mass appealing and difficult not to like.. No need to worry it has a moderate projection, you won't suffocate people with it, compare it with D&G The one EDP/EDT.

Versatility: 4 out of 5 – This scent is very versatile; it works well for day/night, spring/autumn/winter, formal/non-formal occasions, on men over 21. the public should stop buying all of this watery non lasting crap until the proper, original formulations are put back in place.. Every time I use 6-7 sprays I get at least 9 hours of longevity, you can even still detect the scent after 11 hours (fading but still there). The projection and sillage is good with at least 6 sprays.

1-1.5 hours later the spicy/citrusy gone, and I get a cool drydown with vetiver, woodsy notes, cistus and a bit of incense. You get a fresh, bright grapefruit with ginger, pink pepper, smoky incense and a little bit of woods in the background. To me, it has a clean metallic vibe, but not in a bad way since the whole composition is very well balanced. i guess the perfume houses think that the public is stupid and will not notice the difference................ However, whenever I would wear it, it did absolutely nothing for me... Oh well, I don't wear fragrances just for compliments, so BDC is a pass for me. A well balanced winter scent, sweet, spicy but still fresh. Got this one last year and I received tons of compliment when I'm wearing it.

The incense note is intresting, I see many people voted that this is a highly detectable note, but I don’t get too much… Projection: 3/5 (about 90 minutes - two hours tops). The quality of this scent is pretty good and the performance is slightly above average. Over priced crap strong FRESH nectary and smokey smell first time i smelt it, it felt like i was being hit by a drill right between the eyes..the nectar is trying to drill into your skull, i'm talking about like the shit humming birds drink all day, that kind of nectar. It's the Best summer fragrance ever Um for those in the comments, saying it's generic and not unique ,it's not generic, it was the ORIGINAL, it was soo good that everyone copied it. To me, when I smell BDC up close, it has a synthetic chemical smell to it. Although it's very commercialized and heaps of other people are wearing it too, so it gets boring really quick.

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