Who is anna torv dating now

Oh, and a love story, not that there's ever much risk in those.

Now that its fifth and final season is about to air, this Friday, we decided to talk about all that's happened with Fringe star and Woman We Love Anna Torv. COM: You're in the middle of shooting the last season of Fringe.

Torv's role in "Fringe" may have prepared her for the portrayal of an FBI agent, but it was a far cry from what the real Wendy Carr was like.

Dunham was more of an action FBI agent in the midst of supernatural phenomena, while Carr was a real scientist working on real problems-the pyschological conditions that led to serial murderers.

And it comes just before you can incorporate that into the season you're about to do. Have you thought about what to do when it's all said and done? Now that we've got a couple of months left, I'm wondering what I'm going to do with my stuff, where I'm going to go.

So you go there and you get to be debriefed on what people liked or didn't like about the season that you've just shot.

Little is known about the nuptials, save for the newlyweds sharing their joyous news with the cast and crew last month after learning Valley is — spoiler alert — leaving the show.

He is quite wealthy, with a net worth estimated at 13.3 billion.Before starring in "Mindhunter" or chosen for "Fringe," Torv was not the star she is today. Still her audition tape managed to get to JJ Abrams and he was so impressed by her tape that he knew immediately that she was the one for the show.And she was't the only one competing for the role, Torv ended up beating over 300 other actors hoping to get the part, and was chosen out of 40 from Australia to reprise the role.Torv has done well for herself in the acting world, slowly growing her career through small parts, then moving on to bigger parts, showing her strong performances and eventually reaching the height she has reached now.This said, it may be surprising to know that "The Daughter" actress' net worth is estimated at 6 million USD.

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